I got my lift!

This is something that has been very high on my list for many years.  My old garage didn’t have the ceiling height for it but the new barn is more than high enough.  I have now had it for just over a month and it is making the brake work I am doing on the old International 1000A much nicer.

I of course filmed the whole installation process to share the experience.  To be honest I was a little concerned about doing this on my own but I found that it is a doable project for one man (as long as you have a tractor to move the heavy bits!).  Please remember that I am NOT an expert and this is CERTAINLY NOT a replacement for reading and fully understanding the manual if you are going to do this yourself!!!  I don’t want to be blamed for you dropping a car on your head!

But, hopefully people will find this useful as I show a few things I learned while I installed mine.

I have 2 versions of the video, the full detailed version where I explain lots of detail:

And a quick 2 minute “short attention span” version if you just want to see an EXTREMELY condensed version (set to music of course).


I broke my sprinter van!

The check engine light has been lit up on the sprinter van for a few weeks now.  Since in New Hampshire this will cause it to fail the state inspection, and that inspection is due on the van at the end of the month I figured it was time to get that taken care of.

The code reader showed a code P0546 which was something about an exhaust temperature sensor.  I did a little research and found out about 4 different sensors on the Sprinter van.  I had heard that occasionally they get covered in carbon and just need a little cleaning.  So, I attempted to pull out the first one to give it a cleaning….  and of course I SNAPPED THE DARN THING OFF!!!!!

So I had to fix that with a little JB weld (will see how successful that is) and then did some more investigation.  Of course I found out that the problem wasn’t with any of these 4 that I had found out about but there is a 5th sensor which is MUCH harder to get to.  This one is on the turbo which is on the back of the engine.

Anyway, managed to get it out, new sensor has been ordered and should be here in a couple days.  Fingers crossed that this actually fixes the problem and I can get the van through the yearly inspection.