Bendpak lift update – caster wheels and ramp modification

I have had a lot of interest and feedback on my lift install video from a few months ago.  When I shot the video I figured a few people would find it interesting but I am happy to hear several people have actually made use of the video and do an install themselves!  Great to hear I could be of use!

I have had some questions that led me to shoot a couple more videos.  One was about the caster wheels.  Somebody wanted to see the design more closely since he was considering building his own wheels.  While the caster wheels are pretty good as-is the design certainly could be improved so I figured it would be good to do a detailed video showing how they work and how they could be improved (basically by making them a bit longer).

The other questions were about the ramps.  Specifically about if they are removable and how much they stick out when the lift is up…. basically the issue was someone wants to install a lift but is tight on space and needs to know how much “extra” room to leave for the ramps.

While the ramps technically are not removable I have been thinking they are often in my way and I have been considering modifying them to make it easy to pull them off.

This video shows the ramps in more detail and my modification to make them removable.