Harbor Freight Tool Cart

I have been using a 4 drawer Harbor Freight tool cart for a few years to hold my commonly used tools.  The plan was I would be able to roll it up to whatever I was working on and have quick easy access to wrenches, sockets, etc.  Over the years the cart had gotten really disorganized and really didn’t have enough room for everything I was trying to put in it.

I have been looking at the larger 5 drawer carts that Harbor Freight has for a while.  Now that they come in multiple colors the blue one really caught my eye.  I was waiting for them to go on sale and they finally had a coupon deal for $169 so I had to pick one up.

Here is my quick unboxing and review video:

I hope to keep this one from getting so disorganized.  I started by mounting my wrenches to the lid to save some useful space.