Datsun 510 Project

A few months ago I went looking for a project car.  I had 3 main criteria for what I was looking for: lightweight, rear-wheel drive, and interesting.  I was considering a Datsun 240z when I cam across a 510 for sale.  I hadn’t really been thinking of these but that was mostly just because you rarely see these around anymore.  I figured this would be the perfect project.

My plan is to have a fun street car that I can also do some autocross and hillclimb racing with.

It was of course in rather rough shape…

Now, I am far from a bodywork expert but I do like a good challenge.  Between youtube and TV I have seen all of this done so now I had the perfect project to see if I could put that info to good use.

After tearing the car down I figured I would start with the rusted out trunk floor.  This would give me some more welding practice before moving on to more visible areas.

Since that went fairly well I figured I would move on to one of the more interesting parts.  The rear window frame was completely rusted out for some of it and had to be fabricated.

That is where the project stands for now.  I have gotten busy with some other tasks but hope to get back onto the Datsun again soon.  Next up I plan on tackling the large rust area just behind the window frame I just repaired.